What is the Contao Community Code Documentation

The Contao Community Code Documentation is a free project with the goal to create a complete code and API documentation of the Contao Core and the contao extensions.

The documentation is created entirely by volunteers.

How does it work?

The deocumentation is synched periodically with the code of the Contao Core and the extensions.

This means, the code is being parsed and new classes, properties, methods and their parameters are being added as stubs into the documentation. Elements that have been removed from the code will get marked as deprecated.

While parsing, so called PHPDoc comments in the code, if existant, will also get parsed and used for the stub generation.

How can I help?

You can help by creating an user account on contaowiki.org and loging in on this page using that user account.

When You have done so, you have write access to the documentation and you can help to improve it.